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This is a universal blog site available in various languages across the world. It aims to give awareness and inspire earthlings to fight against everything that holds us back from making the world a livable and an extraordinary place for all. It will also help you to walk through life in the best way possible. Read my blogs, share it if you can and become a part of the better humanity!


Are we using the gift given by nature that is ‘to evolve’ in a legitimate way?

She had given us a gift back then but what are we returning? ‘Destruction‘ what we call ‘Development‘?  

 Personal Growth, Mental Well Being and Wellness…

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COVID-19 has created an impact that most people have never witnessed. And in this situation it isn’t abnormal to be a victim of ‘coronavirus anxiety’.Check out these few ways with which you can help yourself or anyone who is enduring coronavirus anxiety.

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The Heart Of Africa – By Grace Maddrell

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Act now if you do want a future!

We have taken time for the realization of the fate we had brought to ourselves in the irreversible past. Yet, the generation is not making satisfiable progress.

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Hi, I am Kariappa Chekkera (Caveman Kari) and I was born into the earth 15 years ago. I’m trying to make a major impact on this vulnerable world so that earth could possibly be the best place in the universe. Or you can know me as a climate activist who invents things and blogs about stuff that the earth and everyone in it is desperately in need of…