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This is a universal blog site available in various languages across the world. It aims to give awareness and inspire earthlings to fight against everything that holds us back from making the world a better place for all! It will also help you to walk through life in the best way possible! Read my blogs, share it if you can and become a part of the better humanity!


Are we using the gift given by nature that is ‘to evolve’ in a legitimate way?

She had given us a gift back then but what are we returning? ‘Destruction‘ what we call ‘Development‘?  

 Personal Growth, Mental Well Being and Wellness…

A category that is filled with positive vibrations and motivation that will help you be the winner in you and achieve the unachievable!

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Here’s a category of all the posts from the better humanity!

Act now if you do want a future!

We have taken time for the realization of the fate we had brought to ourselves in the irreversible past. Yet, the generation is not making satisfiable progress.

Who am i ?

About me

Hi, I am Kariappa Chekkera (Caveman Kari) and I was born into the earth 15 years ago. I’m trying to make a major impact on this vulnerable world so that earth could possibly be the best place in the universe. Yeah, that’s right…And soon I will be known as the Savior of Humanity and The Earth!

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