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This is an international blog site available in various languages across the world. It aims to give awareness and inspire earthlings to fight against the crimes committed by mankind on nature and itself before its too late. Read my blogs, share it if you can and become a part of the better humanity!


Are we using the gift given by nature that is ‘to evolve’ in a legitimate way?

She had given us a gift back then but what are we returning? ‘Destruction‘ what we call ‘Development‘?  

Australia, home to over 2000 species of distinctive and unique land animals has experienced one of the most brutal attacks ever from nature. The 2019 Australian bushfires also known as the Black Summer was the most devastating wildfires Australia has ever experienced…

Right from Sophia to Alexa, Artificial Intelligence or AI in them have been thriving on this planet. Also, AI can be termed as one of humanity’s greatest inventions. But could this invention be our last? Will AI really take over the world?

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Act now if you do want a future!

We have taken time for the realization of the fate we had brought to ourselves in the irreversible past. Yet, the generation is not making satisfiable progress.

Who am i ?

About me

Hi, I am Kariappa Chekkera (Caveman Kari) and I was born into the earth 15 years ago. I’m trying to make a major impact on this vulnerable world so that earth could possibly be the best place in the universe. Yeah, that’s right…And soon I will be known as the Savior of Humanity!

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