3 Powerful Ways To Have a Strong Mindset

Did you know that 95 percent of the decisions we make in everyday life are made by our subconscious mind? It records everything you think and also sets you up for the future. So, if you can control your thoughts you are ultimately powerful. But if the reverse happens, then life will be hell. If you allow things and people around you to control your consciousness, then a weak mindset will drown you to hell…

Do not allow that to happen. Build a powerful mindset and a positive mental attitude with which you feel proud of yourself. Here are 3 ways to have a strong and healthy mindset.

1: Hold yourself accountable for your thoughts

Take full control and responsibility for your life. You’ve heard that a lot! I’ve talked about the power of the subconscious mind. What it is capable of accomplishing if you can control your thoughts.

One way of doing so is to be aware and take full responsibility for your thoughts.

Remember – You are the only creator and director of your thoughts. Nobody deserves or has the ability to control your consciousness. It is only ‘you’ who has the power and the choice to allow people/things to you OR not.

Inspiring words, eh?

2: Practice meditation

This is a powerful tool with which you can focus your mind. Many of them know the benefits of meditation but fail to use it. Another population does not believe in the power of meditation. Only some of them understand what is meditation and use it to drive happiness into their lives. This is not something you see. It is something you feel within yourself. There are several studies that show the scientific benefits of meditation.

Here are some of them

  • Improves energy level
  • Increases mental health
  • Lessens anxiety and depression
  • Reduces stress

So how can you practice meditation? Some studies show that meditating even 20 minutes each day can bring out the valuable benefits.

Just sit still on the ground, close your eyes and focus on your breathing/heartbeat. This is the most popular way of when you hear the term ‘meditation’. But it can be practiced when you give something/someone your undivided attention.

You can also just lie and feel your body during inhalation and exhalation. Further, the 3 types of meditation are

  • Vipassana
  • Chakra
  • Yoga

3: Give your ‘all’ in whatever you’re doing

If you give your all and work the hardest on what you are truly passionate about, then you do deserve success. As simple as that!

In the process of committing yourself, you’ll acquire a powerful mindset of ‘I deserve to be successful’ or ‘I deserve this vacation’ or even ‘I deserve a Lamborghini!’ This will also exclude your fear of failure/success.

Become immune to distractions. Get rid of all your excuses. Have a strong purpose. Feed on competition, chew on hard work and drink sweat for replenishment! Success and the life you love is yours.

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