3 Powerful Ways To Practice Self-love and Drive Happiness Into Your Life

Self-love makes it possible to fuel on more will power and keep on going even when the path seems harder. It is quintessential if you want happiness in your life. Self-love has a simple formula. Love yourself for what you are rather than creating envy for what you are not.

Think of self-love like this – ‘In your life, you’re all you’ve got.’ Stop apologizing for being you and live your life to the fullest. Did you know that people who practice self-love are mentally stronger?

You cannot expect the world to love you without you loving yourself.

Caveman Kari

Here are 3 handpicked and the best ways with which you can practice self-love.

1: Invest time in yourself

You must have heard this quote somewhere –

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you

You can love yourself only when you know your strengths and weaknesses or your ups and downs. You can know these things only when you invest time in yourself. Spend some alone time without feeling lonely.

Let your mind go wherever it prefers to but this time you do not allow things and people to control your consciousness. You can only grow and change your life when you know yourself better.

2: Positive affirmations

Let the universe know what you are up to. Positive affirmations can certainly empower you and then reduce the action of anxiety, depression, and stress on your life. Some of the positive affirmations for self-love are –

  • I believe my ability to do what I am capable of doing
  • I accept who I really am and who I am becoming
  • I deserve to attract all the good things
  • I am powerful, radiant, happy, and smart
  • I have the courage to access my full potential
  • I acknowledge my own self worth
  • I have the courage to be exceptional and how I love.

3: Spending most of your time doing what you really love

Another way of practicing self-love is to spend time doing what you really love. If you invest time in yourself, you must be really knowing what makes you happy and what you really love doing. Spend most of your valuable time doing what you really love to be doing. This not only keeps you happy but also increases your sense of self-worth. In the process, you also develop self-confidence and self-discipline which will help you live your life to the fullest! So above all, what do you really love?

Learning self-love is the greatest and the most powerful tool you can possess

Happy making love!

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