3 Ways To Deal With The Coronavirus Anxiety

3 Ways To Deal With The Coronavirus Anxiety

We are now facing one of the most challenging situations in human history. The new coronavirus pandemic has tested and is continuing to test our knowledge, endurance and skill. The SARS-CoV-2 or better known as COVID-19 has now spread to almost every country in the world infecting all kinds of people. It has killed people, crashed economies, filled hospitals, disrupted societies and has created an impact that most people have never witnessed. And in this situation it isn’t abnormal to be a victim of ‘coronavirus anxiety’.

The new coronavirus has another unspoken and deadly impact. This impact is experienced by almost anyone and everyone in the world. The effectiveness of this impact is so tremendous that it is beyond words.

This impact can lead to wars or even has the potential to end civilizations. It has already lead to havoc and can also cause devastating conflicts. This effect is the deadliest of all. The impact is not crashing of economies or disruption of societies or rising up of unemployment.

It is ‘Fear‘.

coronavirus anxiety relief - Fear is deadlier than the virus.

This is far more dangerous than any other effect of COVID-19. Therefore we must do our best to combat this virus to avoid global catastrophes caused by one of its impacts.

If you sneeze now, nobody will say ‘God bless you!’, instead they might arrest you!

Prince EA – Motivational Speaker

Here are a few ways with which you can help yourself or anyone who is enduring coronavirus anxiety.

1: Don’t be obsessive

Coronavirus anxiety caused by the news and social media can kill you before the real virus does! (just joking, I’m not trying to scare you!)

Just stay alert, not fearful. Stay well informed, not obsessive about news. It is quintessential you stay informed. But not up to a level where unreasonable thoughts and fears drive you to practice compulsive habits. Of course looking away from the breaking news for long enough is not as easy as it sounds. But practice to get yourself only the required information instead of filling your mind with the fear virus!

Coronavirus anxiety relief - stay alert, not fearful. Stay well informed, not obsessed.

What can you do?

  • Expose yourself to the media in limited time quantities if you begin to feel overwhelmed
  • Speak to someone whom you trust
  • Watch movies that will boost your mood
  • Fill your mind with positivity by taking this course!
  • Be careful of what you share on social media

2: Relax yourself by meditating and exercising

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. It isn’t abnormal to feel anxious at situations like this. But you can overcome anxiety with your positive energy. Meditating often and getting your body some exercise can calm your mind. Try to focus on the positive things like the number of cured cases or think of the future where the disease is eradicated naturally. Negative thoughts can take root in your mind and can disrupt your mental health. Therefore strengthening your mental health and having a powerful mindset can help you win this battle.

3: Do something that will make you happy now to Beat the Coronavirus Anxiety

This includes playing a board game, a computer game, or anything else that makes you feel successful. You can also check out my new game with which you can eradicate coronavirus anxiety! If your not one of these type of guys, then try and learn new skills. Invent something cool. Or do something that will help the world fight the pandemic. You can also donate funds to help fight COVID-19 here. Also, take good care of your body and health. Avoid hunting alcohol and drugs! See what you can do to manage stress and anxiety at different levels here.

Like any other challenge we’ve faced, this pandemic can either divide us or help us unite against this virus. Instead of playing the blame game, we can repair relationships and focus on solutions rather than fearful problems.

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Instead of spreading fear faster than the virus, let us spread love and hope!

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