3 Ways To Improve Your Time Management Skills To Improve Your Life

Time management is your efficiency and ability to manage your mortal life’s time better for productivity and positivity. All of us on earth has 24 hours in a day. What separates each one of us is how we manage our time every day. There are 2 kinds of people in this world.

  • One – who make use of every second of their day
  • Two – who don’t even care about their time

Some have their schedules planned out for every minute while some cry out loud saying they don’t have time!

I’m not saying not having a schedule puts you in the category of time wasters. It just helps you manage your time better. Here are 3 ways to manage your time better, effectively, and efficiently.

1: Consider time as money

You must have heard this a lot. Consider yourself in this situation.

A god-like being just gave you 86,400$ in the assurance that you will spend it only within a day. You have to spend it. There is no saving it for tomorrow. What would you spend it on? Would you rather create streams for passive income or eat incalculable junk food relentlessly?

That 86,400$ is nothing but the number of seconds you have in a day. How you choose to spend it will decide your future. Therefore use it wisely because you cannot get it back.

2: Focus on one thing at a time and commit to it

Most people have the habit of watching their phones every time their notification rings. This type of work is called half work. Here is another example. You are working on your computer but for no reason, you check your phone. (Or does the phone check you?!) You must have the self-discipline to avoid distractions. And self-discipline is much lot easier when you consider it as self-love.

This can be solved if you commit to something. The only way of committing yourself to work is to do something you really love or something which you feel passionate about. If you do not love your job, quit it and apply for the one you really feel passionate about or work for yourself.

Then shut out the distractions and switch on beast mode!

3: Take breaks between two tasks

Did you know that the human brain can focus on one thing for only 90 minutes?

When most people hear the term ‘time-management’, they fear long hours with no breaks. If people jump to another task right after completing a task, they lose their focus which results in low productivity. Take a walk outside or just daydream! Then after gaining your focus and a bit of motivation, do jump right into the next task.

I’m not giving you a source of excuses. Please don’t misuse this. Take short limited breaks and get on with your work. Have a great work ethic. Have early mornings and late nights. Because hard work always pays off!

Happy managing time better!

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