5 Things To Do When You Feel De-motivated At Sometimes

Everyone has their ups and downs in their lives. But it is how you navigate through those ups and downs that will define your destiny. So, what do you do when you feel like you are at the lowest point in your life. In short, your answer is to just work through, fight through!

De-motivation can occur due to various reasons. Even if you get nothing in return immediately, you must keep on going because your destiny will be at great heights. And the best view lies only at great heights.

Demotivation can lead to procrastination, creating excuses or worse quitting. Therefore it is really necessary you overcome this negative feeling to get what you deserve. Here are a few things to do when you feel demotivated.

1: Find the cause of your de-motivation

You must first find the cause of your emotional condition. You cannot change something you don’t understand. To find the reason before taking any action, you must open up your mind and get outside that comfort zone. Getting demotivated may be due to various reasons. The most common of them is not getting instant results… Let me tell you something. I assure you will get double the results you desire when you have worked on something consistently for long enough. Understand the cause of your demotivation and get clarity for what you should work on.

2: Motivate yourself from the internet

This might seem ticklish! But it is a nice way to boost your dopamine levels in the right way. Listen to inspirational podcasts, watch motivational videos and read inspirational books.

But always remember, consistency is the key. And you can only keep on going if you find something that motivates you from within. Find a purpose that will always motivate you even if the world goes against you! Be unstoppable from within!

3: Don’t let fear demotivate you

If fear is the cause of your demotivation, look at them and tell them that they have got no place in your mind. Because your mind is filled with motivation and courage. Identify your fears and do what you would do if fears wouldn’t exist. Acquire that courage by motivating yourself to go forward no matter what!

4: ‘Dreams without goals are just dreams’

As Denzel Washington said in his famous speech, ‘Dreams without goals are just dreams, and it is just a powerful fuel for disappointment’

So set small goals to achieve big dreams. Have a strong mindset. Review your dreams every single day. This is the best way to stay constantly motivated. When you achieve those small goals reward yourself. Feel that sense of accomplishment and let the universe give you more of accomplishments.

5: Watch out for toxic dreams!

Why most people quit is because they don’t follow what they are truly passionate about. They don’t work on the things they really love. The best way to find what you really love or whether you are staying on your true path is to judge your body’s response. Try to feel how your body reacts when you think of your dreams. If you spontaneously feel good, then you are following your true heart. If you are slightly breathing hard or if you show signs of tightness or constrictions, then quickly retrace yourself.

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