5 Ways To Always Feel Good That Can Truly Change Your Life

Does the past or what you are going to experience in the future bother you? Is there something that you feel good about for a millisecond and some negative thoughts fill your mind with darkness?

Don’t feel bad about that. There is always something you can do about it. Here are 5 ways to feel good about something that can also change your life.

1: Be grateful for what you have

Most people in this world have something that they want. In fact, everybody has the desire to want something in the future. What most people do is they disregard their life and feel unworthy of themselves because of one or many things that they don’t have. But, some of them, like you and I are grateful for what we have and at the same time are hungry for more.

If you focus on the things that are good, you will automatically see more of ‘good’ in your life. It is the power of manifestation. You are basically attracting positivity to your life.

Well, the opposite is also bound to take place if your focus is on the negative side such as stress, anxiety, etc.

Did you know that people who are grateful for themselves and say ‘thank you’ more often are happier?

2: Focus on only the positive outcome

You must always redirect your mind towards the positive side even if it always tends to go the other way. If something good is about to happen then don’t think about the possibility of any negative outcome. Of course, you have to be ready for anything and everything. But let your mind be focused on the positive side rather than the negative side as the universal law of attraction is always receiving data from you!

If something bad is about to happen, find even the slightest opportunity or possibility to make it positive. If this isn’t possible then take a moment to think that ‘there is always something good’ in any situation. Also, remember that you can respond positively to any situation.

3: Learn how the mind works

Here is a brief description of how the mind works according to Dandapani, a monk.

A mind is a vast place with different sections in it. Each section has its own liens of thoughts. Now, consider consciousness as fireflies that forms a ball of light. They can go to any part of the mind and travel anywhere it wants to. And when it is in a particular area of the mind, it lights up that area and you become aware or conscious of it.

But we allow people and things to take our consciousness from one part of our mind to another. This can be defeated if you concentrate on something for a long time. Because when you practice this, you get better at concentration and can then focus on things that you want to do or have.

4: Don’t let people manifest negativity in you

In other words, don’t let unsuccessful people’s words and actions affect your mind. Take full control and responsibility for your life. This is your life. Not anyone else’s. Hold yourself accountable and always move forward.

Always remember that the people who tell you that you can’t make it are referring to their unfulfilled potential, not yours. It may be out of reach for them, but don’t let yourself down. Be the creator of your own destiny.

5: ‘Self-love is the greatest and powerful tools you can possess’

Self-love is the greatest medicine

You must always feel great about yourself. As you know, being grateful to yourself and seeing more positive things in you rather than the opposite can help a lot. With this, there will be more positivity in you by which you can do and attract whatever you want.

Happiness comes in your life when you are contented with what you have and not dissatisfied with what you don’t possess or have. Also, with self-love, you can keep depression and anxiety far away from you.

You are special! Just have a positive mental attitude and move on. There’s no one else in the world like you. Greatness lies within you, just have compassion towards yourself and live your life how you love!

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