6 Things Terribly Wrong About the Indian Education System

School is said to be known as the temple of knowledge, not the prison of fears, pressures, inferiority, regrets, and bullies. The sad truth is that fear is what drives a student in the present education system, not the love of learning which is really bad.

The same education system that breeds graduates is also responsible for the death of each student every hour in India. Also in spite of all this, the school system has been adamant to change. Here are 6 things wrong about our school system and have to change as soon as possible.

1: The education system teaches to forget

The present school system is feeding students with information that are more critical to forget. They compel them to write exams and standardized tests. This forces them to remember information for only a short period of time. They expect students to study all the subjects in the curriculum although they won’t remember all of it.

study to forget?

Some of the adults might be thinking that this is the basics of education. It is necessary to study all of this by which later you are given the choice to study what you love the most.

Let me ask you a question – Do you remember everything you studied back in your school days? I’m 100% damn sure that all of you will say ‘NO’. Then what is the point of going to school 6-8 hours every day for years studying things that you forget later?

Well, is it for developing your mental ability and intelligence? What I’m trying to say is that there can be other means. Other than creating an atmosphere in the school and a mindset in students by which they think the animals in the zoos have better freedom than them.

The only information a graduate remembers is the subject he chose to study i.e what he loves the most. Also, what he studies in his elementary school.

2: The school expects everyone to go the way they prefer disregarding the wishes of students

Consider a large zoo comprising of various kinds of animals. Each one has special characteristics and unique abilities. If all these animals are given 1 goal to climb up a tree only a small and significant number of animals will be able to do it.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life beleiving that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein
indian education system's selection
The selection process in the Indian Education System.

Similarly, the school has only 1 mindset and expects everyone to commit and devote themselves to it. This is unjust as the system doesn’t seem to offer a reasonable and tolerable choice. For example – A schoolchild is good at art and crafts. He/she doesn’t score good marks at exams and standardized tests. Due to which the school comes to the conclusion that the child is stupid and has an insecure future.

3: Not taught how to deal with Bullies and manage peer pressure

Bullies have the worst mindset who take out their aggression on innocent individuals for which the reason can be of various kinds. Bullies have a bad thirst for supremacy. These pests think that threatening, torturing, and oppressing less reactive or weaker people will bring them the superiority and leadership. They enjoy when they see others in pain.

Bullying or bully

This will make the oppressed to face depression and go through the worst moments. They might begin to think that a tied-up dog’s life is better than theirs. This could end up in very dangerous conditions including an increase in suicidal tendencies.

The majority of the student population are trained to take their problems to adults particularly parents and teachers and remain untrained to face bullies. Therefore the school has to teach students how to face bullies and how not to bully. This helps in the overall development of future generations and build a better humanity.

4: Over-Pressurizing through Exams, Tests, and Homeworks

Now, the most important thing for a student in an Indian education system is to get good marks in exams and standardized tests. The teacher and the institution only aim at training students to get good grades where learning real knowledge doesn’t exist. This happens because students end up cramming before exams as the school system had destined them to do so.

Over pressurizing has created and will continue to turn students into robots. The school indulges students so much in their activities that creativity is barred. There are loads of everlasting homework, tests, and exams. On top of that, the school gives the students assignments, projects and exercises related to the syllabus.

When we were told to follow set procedures and not deviate from the rules, we could actually see how the schooling process was discouraging creativity

Robert Kiyosaki in his book – rich dad poor dad.

All these activities would have been acceptable 100 years ago as people were needed as sources of information for various kinds of jobs. Now, we need people who have the skill to do something with their knowledge. Artificial intelligence has already taken our old spot. If the school system remains adamant to change, AI will replace them soon.

5: Lack of financial education

Most people struggle financially later in their years is because of the lack of financial education in their early years. Although they may be earning slightly more than average money, most people fall into the debt trap not knowing to properly manage money. This happens because of increased interest in loans they borrow, maxed out credit cards, increased investments in liabilities like cars, homes, parties, and all other luxury goods which are beyond their paychecks.

Despite the fact that there is economics in high schools, basic financial literacy is still missing. It’s just like studying Shakespeare’s plays without knowing the alphabet! The school doesn’t teach students about taxation, budgeting, investing, managing and everything related to it which are the basic foundations of financial literacy.

Money is not taught in schools. School focuses on scholastic and professional skills, but not on financial skills. This explains how bankers, doctors, and accountants who earned excellent grades in school may still struggle finacially all their lives.

Robert Kiyosaki – in his book – ‘Rich dad Poor dad’

Also, the Indian education system doesn’t encourage students to become entrepreneurs and create startups. The poor financial decisions are due to little or no financial education that forces students to join the rat race. Only some of them find jobs they’d love to go to that satisfies their intentions. Most of them do jobs they don’t prefer due to high competition and spend their lives doing what they don’t want to do.

financial and essential life skills

6: Not taught essential Life Skills

The world would have been a better place if basic life skills were a part of education. The education system taught us how to solve a pair of equations in 2 variables or how the mitochondria work. But, did you or do you teach us to fix a pipe or change lights?

The most basic life surviving skills in the present world are still missing in the present education system. These include self-management skills, time-management skills, facing real-life problems, maintaining basic hygiene and a lot of lot more…

If the present education system put these in the curriculum, the world would be a better place to live in.

Dear Indian education system

Why don’t you teach quintessential things at least to survive in the fast-changing world rather than overpressurizing and creating bars in the dreams of the growing youth?

Why do you have to breed robots to kill the joy of learning? The school must be a happy place that must provide a free and pressure-less ecosystem. So that students fall in love with learning and have space for creativity. Why is there so much pressure that a student begins to hate school? Why do you have to bar creativity to produce some worthless zombies?

Finland’s education system is considered to be the best in the world. There are no frequent exams/standardized tests, less homework and school hours, essential outside work and it focuses on co-operation, not competition. All these factors provide a pressure-free and relaxed atmosphere that boosts creativity.

students over-pressurized in the indiian education system.
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