6 Ways to Live Free of the Negativity of Other People

In this life of yours, I know at some point in your journey you have come across negative people who steal some part of your mind and energy. Maybe they tried to put you in unfavorable conditions that you don’t feel good about. You strongly and badly want to get out of that situation. Also, it makes you feel bad about yourself. Or worse, sometimes you arise a conflict within yourself.

If you’re surrounded by a person who mostly talks negative, there is no doubt that he/she has ruined your mood. Negativity is toxic and is also easily spread by toxic people. But it is possible to deal with other people’s negativity and thrive. Always keep a positive attitude and live your life how you love it!

Here are 6 ways to not let other people’s negativity affect you so that you have a more happy, positive and productive life!

1: Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings

Sometimes it happens that people are not even aware that someone is ruining their life by turning them into a toxic person. When you are speaking with someone watch out for these qualities.

  • Always finds a fault in others
  • Overthink and mostly in regret
  • Find something negative in every person
  • Always think of what they don’t have
  • Using the following words more often – Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve
  • Be mostly pessimistic
  • Crib and talk negative

If you find that they have these qualities in them, then quickly change your relationship or mindset. Runaway! Don’t infect yourself with this deadly virus! If running away is not an option for you then tell that person whom you feel is negative to find a solution and fix that. Redirect their mind towards working on the solution rather than making the problem bigger.

2: ‘If someone tells you ‘you can’t’ they’re showing their limits, not yours’

If you have a dream and want to live in a way you love, there’ll always be people who’ll try to bring you down in a variety of ways. Consider a part of human nature that activates when one has very least access to one’s potential. They will always be there.

But you have to push through them and strive towards your dream. Because one day the people who tried to manifest negativity in you will regret it with their complete heart. That’s one of the best feelings of success!

3: Don’t allow emotions to control you

Emotions are powerful. Your emotions are the causes of your actions. Without controlling this influential tool, emotions might be able to control you. This mostly happens when you let the outside world control your consciousness.

It is possible to control your emotions, without letting emotions control you! The ability to control your emotions determines your mental toughness/strength. Also, if you can control your emotions mental disorders such as depression can be avoided.

Here are some of the ways by which you can control your emotions and get mentally stronger.

  • Be aware of your emotions before getting mad at yourself
  • Try to change the situation you’re in
  • Practise Meditation often
  • Try yoga
  • Forgive your emotional triggers
  • Think bigger
  • Let go of your emotions without fighting it

4: Compare ‘you’ with yourself

Comparison with others is a strong-flavored fuel for disappointment. Comparison with you becomes an uplifting and motivating purpose in your life to be happy.

The majority of the population compares themselves with others and feel a low sense of self-esteem. If people are jealous of you, they are constantly comparing themselves with others. They can also be termed as ‘toxic’.

They are so busy and occupied in comparison with others that they just don’t have time to work on themselves. Comparison can get into your life in various forms. From the moment you are in school to your death bed, comparison can affect your life without you knowing it!

Only a few of them know to tackle this problem and get out of the dreadful rat race. The way I found useful and working was to have a comparison within you.

You must work on these questions – ‘Am I a better version of myself from the past or am I still the same?’ or ‘Can I better than I was before?’. Instead of ‘How do I get better than her/him?’ or ‘Why did she/he get better than me?’ Focusing on yourself can make you a better person and you can have more space in your brain. This can boost your ability to be mentally stronger.

5: Don’t keep thinking of the problematic situation which you were in

If somebody tried to bring you down, there’s a tendency to always think of the person or situation that has already been passed. You might respond positively or negatively to any situation. The choice is always yours. But still, if the happened situation bothers you, then remember that the universe is there to help you out. Here’s how.

If people think negatively on someone or something they are just manifesting that negativity into the universe. The law of attraction does its part by attracting more negativity into their lives. So if you feel that someone is always thinking bad about you, remember that they are only ruining their lives, not yours. They are burning their clothes hoping it would affect you!

6: Show yourself your worth

This is a great way to not let the outside world’s negativity beat you. You must develop a sense of self-respect that makes you feel worthy of yourself. You can achieve this by giving your all in working on the things you feel passionate about. This also gives you a winner’s mindset and to the toxic people who took some part of your mind, you’ll say this –

‘One day when I’ve achieved what I am capable of achieving, you’ll have a taste of dreadful fear and regret’

Those were the 6 tips that can help you to beat negativity in your life. Hope you like ’em! Well here’s a bonus for you for making it till the end. Here are some wise words from Sam from Smarter and Harder.

The thing that all optimists know, and not many pessimists have yet been able to see, is that nothing is good or bad on its own. Nothing is possible or impossible on its own. Only your thinking makes it so. If you choose the negative and say “this won’t work,” you’ll probably be right. But if you instead choose positivity, and say “this will work and I’m going to do it,” you’ll also be right. It’s up to you.

If you allow the negativity of others to direct your own thinking, you give them control over your outcome. When you accept negative thinking, you accept negative results. But it is a choice. It is your choice. You can always tell a different story through your own thoughts and the actions that follow.

BY Caveman Kari

Special Credits – Smarter and Harder

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