7 Predictions Made By Renowned People On Artificial Intelligence

Today, we live in the era of robots. It might be too early to say this as more innovations are bound to occur inevitably in this sphere. Right from Sophia to Alexa, Artificial Intelligence or AI in them have been thriving on this planet. Also, AI can be termed as one of humanity’s greatest inventions. But could this invention be our last? Will AI really take over the world?

The discovery of AI was in the 1950s where Nobert Wiener first theorized that mechanisms could be possibly stimulated by machines. The first Artificial Intelligence program was designed by Newell and Simon in 1955 called The Logical Theorist. John McCarthy finally coined the term Artificial Intelligence.

John McCarthy – Father of AI
Source: TDS

Some predict that AI could overpower humans by their ability to grasp information faster and create more of their own kind. Just like DeepMinds‘ AI that beat all the atari video games the day it was born! Many, like Elon Musk, fear that it could pose a threat to privacy as DeepMinds’ AI has administrative level access to google’s servers.

Whereas from a very different point of view some people say that AI could exponentially make our lives so much better. They express that AI could solve real-life problems and expand human knowledge. For instance, scientists think that with the development of AI, it can eradicate diseases, hunger, and poverty and also find a solution to climate change! What if AI can actually solve these problems? Will we then be sustainable?

Here are the views of great thinkers, scientists, and technologists on AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Albert Einstein. Albert HUBO developed by hanson robotics and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
Albert HUBO developed by Hanson Robotics and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Source: Hanson Robotics

1: Elon Musk – ‘With Artificial Intelligence, we are summoning our own demon’

Elon Musk on AI
Source: WIRED

Elon Musk tries to warn the world of the destruction AI could cause and how dangerous it could be. He had co-founded OpenAI to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI) in a way that was safe and beneficial to humanity. He then quit the board due to some disagreements over the company’s developments.

I think the danger of AI is much greater than the nuclear warheads

Elon Musk – Founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla

He also advised governments to regulate and pay more attention to artificial intelligence. Also, he stressed the issue of unemployment as AI is a real threat to a lot of jobs. Likewise, Elon musk fears that AI could be capable of causing World War 3!

I keep sounding the alarm bell, but until people see robots going down the street killing people, they don’t know how to react, because it seems so ethereal

Elon Musk at the National Governors Association meeting – 2017

2: Stephen Hawking – ‘The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of human race’

Stephen Hawking on Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking, a cosmologist, a physicist, and a great thinker has made some dangerous statements on the rise of AI. He fears that the AI’s ability to make more of its own kind at a rapid rate could overpower humans.

It would take off on its own, and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans who are limited by slow biological evolution couldn’t compete and be superseded.

Stephen Hawking – Cosmologist and Theoritical Physicist

Stephen Hawking also uses Artificial Intelligence to speak out his mind by his computer voice. He believes that the primitive forms of AI that we have are useful but doesn’t support the quick development of Artificial Intelligence. This is because of the fact that humans are subject to slow evolution. Also, we are not so good at adapting to change quickly.

3: Bill Gates – ‘Humans should be worried about the threat posed by AI’

Bill Gates on Artificial Intelligence
Source: CNBC

Bill Gates fears the application of Artificial Intelligence in warfare. He is agreeable to all the positive developments and changes AI can bring about and accomplish. But at the same time, the billionaire expresses his concern on how dangerous it can be.

The world hasn’t had that many technologies that are both promising and dangerous – you know, we had nuclear energy and nuclear weapons

Bill Gates – Co-Founder of Microsoft

Bill Gates is also more concerned about the unemployment Artificial Intelligence could cause. Without a satisfiable way to tackle this problem, AI shouldn’t be unleashed exponentially as it will get scary!

4: Stuart Russell – ‘The robot is not going to want to be switched off’

Stuart J Russell is a computer scientist known for his work in artificial intelligence. He is confident that AI will continue to advance at a rapid pace. According to him if a robot is given a task to be completed and when being switched off is a way of failing, it will do its best not to be switched off.

There are no serious obstacles to AI making progress until it reaches a point where it is better than human beings

Stuart Russel – Founder of CHAI
Stuart J Russell on AI
Source: TED Talks

Those were some of the people who are at least partly pessimistic about the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence. Now, let us see people who are somewhat optimistic about the development of AI.

5: Neil DeGrasse Tyson – ‘I don’t fear artificial intelligence’

The astrophysicist tries to express that Artificial Intelligence should not be feared unless we program emotions into it. He blames the destructive desires of man for using AI in warfare. The artificial superintelligence does what it is programmed to do. According to him, the problem is the politic that uses technology and not to consider technology as a bad thing.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Artificial Intelligence
Source: AI News

Seems to me as long as we don’t program emotions into robots, there’s no need to fear them from taking over the world.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson – Astrophysicist, Author and Science communicator

He also argues that unemployment shouldn’t be a major concern as new jobs will be created if AI takeover. This isn’t completely agreeable as humanity’s not so good at adapting to change fast.

6: Larry Page – ‘Google will fulfill its mission only when it is AI-complete’

Source: Slash Gear

Larry Page, co-founder of Google is completely focused to make Artificial Intelligence google’s destiny. He is also known to have called Elon Musk ‘speciesist’ meaning treating certain life forms as inferior just because they were silicon-based rather than carbon-based. Larry Page blames the dark intentions of people to misuse Artificial Intelligence, but Elon Musk disagrees. According to him, AI will take jobs, but the living will become cheaper.

Robots are invented. Countries arm them. An evil dictator turns the robots on humans, and all humans will be killed. Sounds like a movie to me .

Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of google’s parent company

7: Mark Zuckerberg – ‘If you’re arguing against AI then you’re arguing against safer cars that aren’t going to have accidents’


Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have opposing views on Artificial Intelligence. Musk, as you’ve seen above doesn’t support the exponential development of AI. Zuck, on the other hand, is completely in favor of the development of AI. Artificial Intelligence also has a crucial role to play in Facebook Advertising.

AI will enable doctors to diagnose diseases and treat people better, so blocking that progress is one of the worst things you can do for making the world better

Mark Zuckerberg – Co-founder and CEO of Facebook

What if AI really took over the world?

Anyway, if these types of things did happen, there will be at least 1 positive impact on the world. Don’t get me wrong, but humanity would stand united. If not all, most of humanity would get united for we stand before a common enemy. This cannot be 100 percent assured as we are more prone to conflicts that inflict us within our own species.

Artificial Intelligence or AI - Is it a boon or a bane?

So, what do you think? Is the rise of Artificial Superintelligence a boon or a bane?

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