Are Zoos Really Necessary?

What would you say? Are zoos necessary or not? If so, have you thought of the mindset of these animals? I believe zoos aren’t necessary for the protection of species. I’ll tell you why.

In the zoos, none of the animals are convenient and happy as they are robbed of their freedom and a man who takes away another’s freedom is a prisoner of hatred. I sound like Nelson Mandela!

The animals in the zoos are taken away from their natural habitat and are forced to live in regret even though we try artificial methods of reminding them of their natural habitat. Zoos are useful for educating the public but people who really want to know these animals are a handful. The rest of them just show off in zoos with their friends trying their best to impress others!

But all kinds of people cannot know the real way in which these species live in the jungle’s edge. They can’t get the real feel of these animals in their true color, instead reserved forests would have been a better alternative for educating the people who really want to know more.

If you think zoos are necessary to conserve species

‘When a type of animal becomes extinct nature picks it to become extinct’


All species on earth must be given a chance to prove their existence here on earth. Some say that with the ongoing rate of extinction zoos are needed to protect the endangered species which I completely disagree with. But in nature’s playground survival is the primary objective of each and every species for which only the powerful rule. Above all, humanity must not misuse this power to place ‘greed’ over ‘need’.

Therefore, we must not consume more than what our needs are. If this was the case, then there wouldn’t be any reason for the existence of zoos. All of us could co-exist with the rules of nature.

tiger: are zoos necessary

Climate change, global warming, deforestation and indiscriminate destruction of the earth are making some species extinct. I hope that we don’t have to bear the consequence of our actions.

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