Biochar For Reducing Climate Change and Creating Better Soil

Biochar is a proven good solution for the agricultural problem caused by climate change. It improves the soil condition by creating a habitat for good bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms. Bio-char holds the fertilizers sprayed or put on the soil to prevent the loss of fertilizers from escaping from the soil.

Weather is the temporary atmospheric condition of a given place at a given time. The average weather of a place over a period of time is called climate. The drastic change in weather conditions affects the livelihood of people dependent on agriculture and soon will be a threat to the entire world.

The melting glaciers, scanty rainfall but floods, depletion of the ozone layer are together showing that the world is facing climate change. Erratic weather condition due to climate change is making agriculture risky in many parts of the world.


One can use biochar mixed with cow-dung and soil to have a healthy plant or crop. Climate change can be reduced by using bio-char in the place of fuel.

Bio-char preparation process:

  • Collect waste twigs, plant matter, wood, etc.
  • Put them all in the Garlington stove.
  • Burn them from the top.
  • After 30-40 minutes the flame becomes visible coming out of the Garlington stove.
  • The heat produced at the bottom of the stove can be used for drying purposes.
  • Turn over the stove to empty the hot coal.
  • Sprinkle water on them to get Bio-char.

Advantages of using Bio-char

  • Bio-char can improve fertility and acidity of the soil, thus maintaining the PH value of the soil.
  • If biochar is mixed with soil, N.P.K and cow dung, it gives a healthy growth to the plant and increases the crop yield.
  • Bio-char outshines to all other organic fertilizers as it has got the ability to attract nutrients and retain water.
  • Bio-char got by waste bio-mass can generate fuel.
  • If the soil is in poor condition bio-char helps to prevent fertilizer runoff, leaching and agricultural pollution to the environment.
  • We can reduce climate change by using bio-char in the place of inorganic fuel.
  • It improves soil fertility and the PH value of the soil.
  • Biochar also increases the carbon content in the soil.

Sometimes when farmers and planters spray their crops with fertilizers, there is a chance that rain can wash away these artificial nutrients applied to the soil through fertilizers, and affect the yield.

How does biochar work?

Biochar simply works like this – By feeding the hungry bio-char into the soil, it will take all the essential nutrients from the soil. Hence, it has to be mixed with soil and cow-dung so that all nutrients remain in the soil and the plant grows healthily.

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