21 Super Easy Ways To Invest In Yourself

Investing time, money and thoughts in yourself is a nice way to exponentially improve your life. You can only improve yourself when you know yourself better. And the best way to know yourself better is to invest in yourself. In today’s world, most of us unknowingly forget to include ourselves Continue Reading

3 Simple Ways To Feel Happy Instantaneously

Happiness isn’t got, it is grown from within. Happiness is your responsibility. Nobody hands you down happiness. You get to choose it. A lot less people understand this concept. The human mind can either be a powerful tool or a destructive weapon. Only a few in this world have the Continue Reading

3 Strategic Ways With Which You Can Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Being a better version of yourself is what you should strive for. If you’re questioning this, then give yourself a pat on the back. Because unlike most of them, you are asking the right question. The process of becoming a better version of yourself is a constant pursuit. You have Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Courage Is Important and How You Can Acquire it Easily

Courage is the enthusiasm and choice that encounters fear, pain, uncertainty and danger. It is that force that pushes you to get comfortable in your uncomfortable zone. It is the driver of risk-taking. And it undoubtedly defines one’s character. Fear is quite the opposite of courage. Fear is a tough Continue Reading

3 Habits To Avoid If You Want To Be Successful

Habits are powerful. Practicing good habits makes you a better person. Giving up practicing habits that lessen the possibility of success is quintessential. I’m not talking about nail-biting or eyebrow twitching. Neither am I talking about routine behaviors like smoking, drinking, not exercising, etc. Of course you’ve got to work Continue Reading

3 Real Ways To Stop Negative Self-talk And Live Life Freely

Sometimes we go hard on ourselves for various reasons. Waves of negative thoughts seem to be unlimited. These negative thoughts then result in negative self talk. There are a variety of reasons why these waves form. It may be because you were struck by a failure or things didn’t go Continue Reading