Was ‘Man’ Responsible For The Australian Bushfires?

Australia, home to over 2000 species of distinctive and unique land animals has experienced one of the most brutal attacks ever from nature. The 2019 Australian bushfires also known as the Black Summer was the most devastating wildfires Australia has ever experienced. The 2019 Australian bushfires have burned more than Continue Reading

Coronavirus – 5 Things You Should Know About The New Deadly Disease

Due to the indiscriminate destruction of the earth and major loss in biodiversity, nature has introduced a brand new coronavirus. However, it wouldn’t be reasonable to argue that the environment is the sole cause of the New Coronavirus. The virus is also proving its existence just like any other being Continue Reading

What And Why Humanity Needs To Change As a Whole?

Change is that constant thing in the universe that every being encounters unavoidably and those who are resistant to it fail to flourish in nature. Our consumption patterns, the climate of the earth and the population are all changing for the worst. People are now getting more and more divided. Continue Reading

Environmental Degradation: The Causes and Effects

Environmental degradation is the destruction of the environment which leads to the exhaustion of resources: water, land, soil, etc. It deteriorates the earth and also leads to the extinction of species. It also reduces biodiversity and the overall health of the environment. In simple words, the environment is the nature Continue Reading

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