Be Wise And Spare a Thought: ‘Say No To Crackers’

You must have heard the slogan ‘no crackers’ during any festival that includes fireworks. Attention is scarce for such slogans as people are now more ignorant than ever.

The world is already facing climate change and bearing the extreme effects of environmental degradation. Although in many parts people are trying their best to combat climate change, the rest of the world is blind in their actions to cause environmental degradation.

Negative impacts of fireworks on the environment

In India, Diwali and many regional festivals are celebrated with firecrackers. There is a population of 1.3 bn in India. If 700 mn of this population burst a single small cracker of 10 grams which emits 4.89 grams of carbon-di-oxide, the net carbon-dioxide emitted to the atmosphere will be 3,423,000,000!

The work of a year to reduce carbon emissions is gone in the winds. Apart from this, bursting crackers negatively causes a lot of effects. Fireworks pollute all 3 natural ecosystems of the earth – the air ecosystem, the soil ecosystem and also the water ecosystem.

Fireworks contain hazardous air-polluting materials like NO2, CO, CO2, black carbon (BC), aerosols, etc. These contaminate the air quality making it hard to breathe. This also causes various diseases in human beings. The increased carbon emissions cause global warming resulting in the rise of sea levels.

The amount of waste produced also increases drastically on this single occasion. Apart from this, if they are released into water bodies, they can contaminate drinking water.

By research, we know that the bursting of firecrackers causes stress, anxiety, and fear in animals as well as in some human beings. For domestic animals especially dogs, it is the worst time of the year.

say no to crackers

Say ‘no’ to crackers

People make lots of money at the time of Diwali and other regional festivals which involves bursting of crackers by selling fireworks to people. You can also celebrate Diwali without crackers. But remember, there can exist a time where the world has to spend trillions to repair the environment. Or else the earth will have to continue without humanity which would be a paradise for other species!

Prevention is better than cure

The choice is left to us. Would you like momentary pleasure or every species overall health? Do you like sounds and lights for a moment or increased wastes surround you? Would you take action now or die by the hands of nature later?

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