How To Believe In Yourself When Self-doubt Seems To Be Winning?

Self-doubt is a big dream killer. Self-belief is the pathfinder.

Did you know that your past, your struggles, or your failures or even your success define you? What defines you is how you navigate through life during different situations.

What do you do when you fail? Do you quit or do you try again? What do you do when you get rich quick? Talking of getting rich quick, check out this course called ‘overnight millionaire’ which discloses mind-blowing secrets that the rich and famous often keep and use for themselves!

With that here are a few ways which might help you believe in yourself and kill self-doubt.

1: Use Doubt as fuel

Getting over self-doubt can be difficult. Doubt has the capacity to drown people in negativity. But if you can transform your doubt to fuel motivation, then you are one step closer to success. Let doubt motivate the hell out of you! Motivate yourself to go the extra mile and do the extra work. Prove you to yourself that you were wrong when you doubted yourself. Prove all of those who said you’d fail wrong. This way you can stay focused and motivated to do whatever you want to do.

2: Give yourself no way out

When there is doubt and you feel like quitting just go and try it out again. Do it again and again and again. Then, your mind will say, ‘Jeez!, ok, we’re gonna figure this out because she/he does not seem to stop.’ By doing this, you will get it done! Doubt will get itself evaporated and belief will rain on you. Just don’t listen to the negative self-talk and continue what you should be doing to get there.

3: Constantly remind yourself why you are doing it all for

How beautiful would it be if you have accomplished your dreams? How the world around you can be a better place if your dreams become a reality…

Ask yourself a question – How many ghosts are going to be there around your deathbed? The ghosts that are stressing your unfulfilled potential! They say that you could have brought them to life, but now they die along with you.

So, never ever give doubt and fear a way to kill your dreams. Take risks and get no ghosts haunting you around your deathbed later on!

Here are a few more amazing tips given by Kie from Beyond The Blues that can help you out.

What jumped to mind straight away is using journaling and critical thinking to challenge and overcome self-doubt. Rather than ignore or try to push away low-confidence and self-belief, I think it’s really important to get to the roots of exactly where self-doubt comes from. Using journaling for critical thinking, self-discovery and self-awareness really helps us to approach our insecurities in a healthy and productive way. It can even help you to embrace your insecurities moving forward, which I think is a really great way of improving confidence and consequentially reducing self-doubt!

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