Humanity and Evolution

Did your mind ever produce a thought that the human race should become extinct? Are you a hardcore animal lover? Do you love other species more than ‘the human race’? OR Did your mind go through any thoughts of these kinds? Evolution has helped humanity be the most dominant species on earth.

humanity is my race

What would have happened if nature had picked species like dinosaurs to evolve? If time and nature allowed this to happen, this blog you wise and great people are reading right now would be read and written by a highly advanced and a very highly evolved tyrannosaurus! And we human beings in the form of fossils would be gazed by all the dinosaurs in the city museum!

evolution of dinosaurs

Ever since the big bang which was 13.8 billion years ago or after 9.26 billion years after the big bang, the great earth came into existence and marked its presence in the universe. Nature picked humans or it may be humans who chose to evolve. I go with the first one.

big bang expansion

The evolution of human beings over time has made it the most dominant species on the planet earth. Soon, we will be becoming a multi-planetary species. Glad nature picked us to be referred to as ‘earthlings’. Now the truth is that the survival of other organisms happens in luck as it was the case of humankind millions of years ago.

We have evolved over ages and have reached to this level which we should thank nature for. But what are we giving back?

Destruction what we call ‘development’? Gift of evolution misused?

humanity and evolution

Gone are those days when the earth loved us and treated us well. But, as we went on exploiting resources to satisfy our greed and hunt for self-centered living blindly without looking into the circumstances there was climate change, global warming, natural disasters, disease epidemics and so on. We are the only major reason for environmental degradation.

In simple words, the earth has become enraged. She doesn’t treat us well as she would before. The unquenchable greed and insatiable desire of humankind is the reason for all this.

cost of building settlements on different planets

As we all know, no planet treats us well as the earth does. Even though survival on mars or any other celestial body may be very different and difficult evolution can adapt to its circumstances. I mean, after 1 million years of settlement on Mars, Humankind may look like Martians! Likewise, monkeys who decided to improvise and change over millions of years and here we are – the result of evolution.

land rover on mars

The earth was made for all species living in it which means each and every organism has the right to live on earth as humankind. But humanity’s dominance and behavior have built many big tall walls. Earlier when society was built with no infrastructure, the whole world was a family that now has been shattered into pieces as the world is dividing more faster than the expanding of the universe!

the earth is crushed by human's hand

Humanity’s fate

Earlier all would be living in luxury together whereas now some people live in 5 sq meter huts and slums in unhygienic conditions when some others live in mansions owning 1000 acres of land. The insatiable demands of Humanity are rising the sea levels, clearing forests for roads, killing anything that comes in the path, polluting the earth and making species extinct.

Unexpected torrential rains and epidemic diseases are now more common. Summers are hotter, winters are warmer, the evolution of new epidemic diseases, relentless cyclones, destructive tsunamis, unforgiving tornadoes, merciless earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, etc are expressing the fury of mother nature. From 2000 to 2009, natural disasters caused $891 billion in damage worldwide.

I hope this world revives!

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