Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword

This saying is rich in meaning. The pen is a very powerful weapon if the depth of it is understood. Whatever that can be achieved through pen and paper-like good books, good media, wise men and knowledge can never be achieved through sword meaning war.

On the other hand, the pen is a very powerful weapon with good thoughts, wise thinking, and products like the Bible, Quran or Bhagavad Gita which are immortal and will never get old. The use of a sword with physical strength is a menace to the world and is very dangerous to the earth as a whole.

Peace is the outcome of patience

Peace, patience, and happiness bring plenitude in the heart of ‘man’. A peace-loving man brings happiness to his friends, family and other folks around him. That is how the proverb ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ is rich in meaning.

The consequence of ‘sword’ becoming more powerful than the ‘pen’

If ever the sword becomes stronger than the pen, the world will end and we will be responsible for the extinction of our own Human race. Sword-power can never overpower the power of a pen. The media, the press, powerful speeches of powerful people, ideas that changed the world, evolution, and revolutions always overpowers the sword. Result of war is not even death, it is ‘massacre’, bloodshed and tears, children without parents or wives without husbands and the total misery to the people concerned is unimaginable.

Enlightened citizens of the world try very hard to prevent wars, fights, and quarrels. They try to show humanity’s respect towards mother earth. The best example is Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence and truth which brought freedom to which is now one of the largest democracy in the world.

This shows that the sword is nothing compared to the ultimate weapon ‘peace’. Peace-loving people help build a peace-loving world.

Peace brings prosperity

The Quran, the Bible, the Gita – are the masterpieces written by great souls. Sword can never overpower the pen. Head and heart together yield good results. Mental strength has no rival if utilized in a correct manner.

Sword sheds blood whereas pen wins hearts, love and peace is a much stronger weapon than the sword.

Pen-power avoids violence and bloodshed and good literature changes the mindset of men. The pen can never be a match to a sword. Hope and pray that pen never loses its strength.

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