The Heart Of Africa

I’m Grace Maddrell, aged 14, she/her (although I’m not fussed about pronouns), a climate activist, and writer from England. I’m part of lots of groups, but in general, I work with Fridays For Future, Polluters Out, Extinction Rebellion, and the #SaveCongoRainforest campaign. I strike every day for the rainforest and Continue Reading

Was ‘Man’ Responsible For The Australian Bushfires?

Australia, home to over 2000 species of distinctive and unique land animals has experienced one of the most brutal attacks ever from nature. The 2019 Australian bushfires also known as the Black Summer was the most devastating wildfires Australia has ever experienced. The 2019 Australian bushfires have burned more than Continue Reading

Environmental Degradation: The Causes and Effects

Environmental degradation is the destruction of the environment which leads to the exhaustion of resources: water, land, soil, etc. It deteriorates the earth and also leads to the extinction of species. It also reduces biodiversity and the overall health of the environment. In simple words, the environment is the nature Continue Reading