Best Things To Do If You Were The Last Person On Earth

Imagine you are walking down a busy street and suddenly you realize that no one is behind you and when you turn back to see if peeps are behind the people in your front disappears! ‘Oh no! what the hell is happening!’. After freaking out for a moment you realize that you are the last person on EARTH! ‘What? there must be someone else’. No there aren’t any!! so WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Probably run around the place with luxury cars or live in a rich mansion would have been a better idea for a while. Well then, there’s a need to change son!

what? I'm the last person on earth.

After a while, you’ll realize the importance of human resources, how people whom you don’t know at all were working for you indirectly. Well, have you thought of loneliness?. I know that when you first saw this title the first thought that would arise in your mind was loneliness! Training and living with a dog or a parrot would beat loneliness but ‘what the hell will I do in this world?’ The answer is SURVIVE AS THE LAST MANKiND! Even though all the money and the world is yours, you must learn to survive.

Flying to another planet would be nice! If you’re a Stephen Hawking with working body parts you could…um…think about it…It isn’t completely impossible but there is a need for more hands. Oh yes, you can also find bots in this world which can be designed to do whatever you wanna do. You can now travel the world without a passport or documents.

You can explore what’s left of the world but remember to keep your health up. Drinking as the last man on earth would be a better idea if you’re bored with life! ‘What type of *** advise is this blogger giving?’.

Imagine after a few years of living alone you hear a knock on the door! What would you do? Let me know in the comments section below or if you have anything to say your free!!

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