What will be the Future of Humanity?

future of humanity

Mother nature has thrown 2 choices for the future of humanity. There is a bright one and also there is a dark one. Just like the same old saying:

dark road of humanity
bright road of humanity

Where there is good, there exists evil also


The bright one is where humanity has access to advanced technologies which also protects the earth and ensures the continuity of human species. Here, environmental degradation won’t be a real problem. It is where technology can get access to more energy with less pollution. When all people work hard and attain the success they desire without being locked behind the bars of hatred and violence. It is when all species present in the earth can trust humanity.

Nature has a perfectly balanced way of testing its creations. But as humanity could control and become the most powerful species on the earth it was blind to realize what gift nature had given to us. This ignorance will affect the future if we don’t act fast. Here are the 2 forms of futures we can experience –

The positive future

1 – Trips to outer space

Imagine a trip with your friends or you alone as I do to any other beautiful country which you love the most. Wouldn’t it give you a chance to escape the routinely world for a moment? It would also make you feel happy and closer to yourself. What if we develop so much that we visit the moon as we visit our grandmother’s home? We can build human settlements on Mars and the Moon. Soon we will be a multi-planetary species. Trips can be to the starting point of the universe or from where the big bang took place. It feels like a comic story now. Remember, you were first told by Caveman Kari when this so-called fiction becomes reality!

2 – A new level of explorations

Soon, there will be a new level of explorations. We can see what lies beyond our solar system or even the milky way. Mars and the Moon will become our second and third planet. Is there someone out there who is more evolved than us? Are we the only ones living on this galaxy? Only the possible future can give us answers to these questions.

3 – Knowing more of the human mind

Our knowledge of the human brain is limited. More research in this sphere can make us technologically advanced that we can access the great mind. What if we can control our mind and remove something which triggers to create hate, jealousy, prejudice, depression, and sadness? If this is done, the earth will be living as a heaven in the whole universe.

4 – Inventions

From the invention of the fire to the invention of reusable rockets humanity has been technologically advancing towards a better future. There are finitely many numbers of things earthlings have invented. Promoting this sphere can also increase the lifespan of the earth.

when humanity first invented the wheel

5 – Sustainable development

According to the UN sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. When we can develop without damaging the environment it can lead to a better future for a better humanity.

6- No issues of hunger, unemployment, bad health, inequalities, and poverty

Imagine a world without all these barriers. It would only be possible if all of our kind work hard. What a bright future it would be if all these problems were abolished. Development to tackle all these problems can help people to fulfill their aspirations and desires. It can also help us to focus on making more futuristic developments like space and technology.

This is one of the possibilities in the future. As a result, it is a positive and constructive future as we all expect and dream it to be. Now let us look at the dark side.

the dark future of humanity

The dark future of humanity

1 – Overpopulation

The current world population is 7.7 billion and counting. As the earth is believed to withstand 10 billion people it has only the resources to allow the survival of this number. If it reaches more than this level, global extinction will be the result. By 2100 at the present rate of an increasing population, the earth will have 10 billion inhabitants of humankind. As a result, it will lead to a huge crisis as there will be huge competition for resources on earth. The earth can support at most 1/5th of the present population which is only 1.5 billion people at an American standard of living.

2 – Depletion of resources

To meet the rising demands of the rising population resources are exploited indiscriminately. As there is an insatiable need for resources humankind has begun to hunt for it mercilessly and assassinating anyone that comes in their way. So, this greed is leading humanity to fight among themselves which can go up to a level of war. Therefore, resource planning and conservation are essential for the sustainable existence of all forms of life. But, the exploitation of resources can lead to the extinction of resources which will ultimately lead to a huge economic crisis. It can also pave a way to an ecological crisis such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, land degradation, and environmental pollution.

3 – Nuclear wars

nuclear bomb

The advancement in the field of nuclear missiles has left a sense of insecurity in the world. War can cause widespread destruction which also hugely affects the country’s economic, social, cultural and various developmental progress. In the present world, countries are spending large amounts of money to strengthen their armies and defenses. If there happens to be war in the future countries will fail to exist.

4 – Climate change

Global warming, rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, increasing carbon emissions are the adverse effects of climate change. In other words, the earth is enraged. It is one of the worst ways the world can come to an end.

These are some of the bad roads which will appear in the path of humanity. It is the choice we make now which will happen to affect the future. We must change for the greater good of humanity and the earth.

Winning is a habit, Success is a choice

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