What And Why Humanity Needs To Change As a Whole?

time for change

Change is that constant thing in the universe that every being encounters unavoidably and those who are resistant to it fail to flourish in nature. Our consumption patterns, the climate of the earth and the population are all changing for the worst. People are now getting more and more divided.

Therefore, without change humanity cannot last stable. Humanity can experience 2 dissimilar futures.

The world is now a global village. Certainly, whatever our ancestors could dream of is now a reality. We have brought ourselves a considerable amount of change in all spheres starting from music to justice. Some say that change was inevitable in the path of humanity. Above all, the decision at the right time made it look inevitable.

Why is there a need to change?

Why is there a Need To Change?

If the first cell that ever came into existence on earth never chose to develop, then the universe would have had 1 less habitable planet. Similarly, now if we don’t choose to develop for the collective good of humanity and nature then the earth will have 1 fewer species.

Now, if a piece of information is got regarding the ‘need to change’, most people would deny to accept it. Because of the fear of extra work and loss of enjoyment taunts them.

Most of them realize the real importance of change but don’t work to make it really happen. Only a handful of them tries to change the world by putting their thoughts into action.

As Eckhart Tolle said in his book ‘The New Earth’ – ‘The achievements of humanity are impressive and undeniable. We have created sublime works of music, literature, painting, architecture, and sculpture. Most recently science and technology have brought about radical changes in the way we live and have enabled us to do and create things that would have been considered miraculous even 200 years ago’

We have also used the same science and technology for the fulfillment of our greed for power, money, dominance, and revenge. The dark side of the mind is the root of all evil.

What do we need to Embrace and Adapt to?

1: Climate Change

Now, our first priority should be of combating climate change and adapting to the extreme consequences of it. Some predict that the climate crisis will be the biggest crisis in the future.

‘There’ll be major civic strifes that the government cannot handle.’

Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundations

I completely agree that the present rates of environmental degradation will create shortages in food, water, and other basic resources for life in the future. Therefore, we need to change our consumption patterns to combat climate change and adapt to its extreme effects before any big crisis occurs.

But still many are ignorant and have not spared a thought to the present issues. They are absolutely resistant to change who can be called as a liability to the earth and humanity as a whole.

I don't believe in global warming (People are resistant to change)
Street artist Banksy near the oval bridge in Camden, North London in view of the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009. Image Source: UN water

‘Without change in production patterns, population growth will continue to increase environmental pressure’

Pierre Boileau (Head of the Global Environment Outlook programme at UN Environment)

The Paris Agreement and the rise of many environmentalists across the world are helping to build awareness to combat climate change. But this is not sufficient. Greta Thunberg tries to express that only a small but rapidly growing number of people have started to wake up to the climate crisis in a tweet.

greta thunberg on climate change

2: Technological and economic change

Other changes are also necessary for sustained life. Likewise, adapting to technological and economic development is indispensable for the overall development of humanity. Some predict that the rise of artificial intelligence will pose a threat to humans.

We need to regulate AI before it becomes a threat to Humanity

Elon Musk (Founder and CEO of Tesla and Spacex)

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of human race.

Stephen Hawking

Therefore, changes must be brought about within ourselves before Artificial Intelligence finds its way before us.

3: Egoistical Change

Have you ever heard of egoistical change? The ego is formed and strengthened when there are opposing views that result in various types of conflicts. During egoistical conflicts, people think that they are right and the ones opposing them are wrong. In situations like this, the right view which supports life and equality must prevail. Almost all changes find it hard to get inside people’s brains is because of their ‘ego’.

chance vs change

The more informed you are, the less arrogant and aggresive you are.

Nelson Mandela

There are 2 types of change agents

  • The Change enabler – They realize the importance of change and why should we embrace it. They also inspire others to accept it. If they find themselves wrong, they quickly adapt to embrace the right solutions for the world’s problems. They aren’t resistant to change and always look for new opportunities who don’t sit and cry over spilled milk. Knowledge is the key to their mindset.
  • The Change manager – They don’t realize the importance of adapting to the changing environment and inspire others to deny it. If they find themselves wrong they still do not wish to change. These liabilities are resistant to change and deny to accept it even if they realize they are wrong. Ignorance is the key to their mindset.

Life is about growth, but many people remain the same without even sparing a thought even for a moment. Many people think that they have come up to a level by which nobody can demand anything from them. They are repulsive and unchangeable even if it is for their own good. If people aren’t adamant to change, they can see more of themselves which can help in the overall development of society, humanity and also the earth.

responsive to change - Charles Darwin
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